4 great Hi-Tech jobs that are not related to programming

Technology dominates the modern world, working hand in hand with companies to optimize processes and improve revenue streams. Adopting technology in your career and evolving to learn more about its potential is the best way to stay relevant and ahead of other employees. Whether you are searching for a new position or simply curious about the technological jobs out there, we will outline four great Hi-Tech jobs that are not programming, taking the world by storm. These may be the perfect positions for you or they may be something to understand as the world is shaped by advancements in technology, either way, here are examples of opportunities making an indelible impact in the modern world. 

General tech support

While your initial thoughts about tech support may lead you to believe it is a basic position for entry-level employees, we are here to tell you that there are some incredible high-tech general support roles for those eager to embrace the future of technology. This position is exceptionally fitted to people who have an eager interest in technology and are able to apply basic support principles to this industry. What makes tech support such an appealing prospect is that the jobs are incredibly flexible, allowing people to work from home at their fully-equipped studios, find working hours that suit their unique lifestyles, and work on multiple projects across a number of areas. There is a tremendous amount of fun that can be had between the mundane tasks that make tech support a winning option in the modern economic landscape. 

4 great Hi-Tech jobs that are not related to programming

Software quality testers

More flashy than tech support, software quality testing is a desirable position that appeals to those with an already existing understanding of software and its functions. Testers are hired by software companies, essentially, to break the software. In their attempts to do so, they will reveal bugs and glitches in the software, and compile reports allowing the companies to fix any issues before releasing to market. There are specific tests that software quality testers perform when analyzing the product, and there are most certainly elements of intensive training to conduct before landing the position, however, this can be an exceptionally rewarding one for those willing to undertake the process. 

Data analysts

Tasked with tracking and analyzing data, data analysts are generally mathematicians with a keen interest in crunching the numbers and determining areas of improvement based on their findings. This position is statistics-driven and data analysts are employed to improve all areas of business operations through reports conducted on marketing efforts and business strategies across the board. Data analysts can perform a myriad of tasks for almost every company, making it an extremely versatile position.

4 great Hi-Tech jobs that are not related to programming

User interface designer

As the world goes digital, more and more every day, companies are required to ensure their online technology meets a certain level of customer expectation with regards to their branded interfaces. From software to websites, interface design is a crucial part of the business that reflects the companies ability to remain cutting edge as an outdated interface is sure to put off potential customers. Interfaces are a valuable touchpoint that cannot be ignored and user interface designers are tasked with bringing to life incredible visual concepts and turning them into a tangible user experience. This is a fantastic job for graphic and multimedia designers who already have a vested interest in visual branding, and it is one that they will slip into seamlessly. 

These four Hi-Tech jobs are in demand and shaping the modern market, ideal options for anyone wishing to pursue a new job opportunity.