Why we love Dungeons and Dragons so much

Dungeons and Dragons, or DnD as the fandom calls it, was once reserved for the ‘nerd’ community. Today, with the prominence and influence of shows like ‘Stranger Things’ or movies like ‘Avengers Endgame’, creative materials such as comic books and fantasy games have seen an influx of enthusiastic patrons that previously shunned or disregarded the particularities of this culture. DnD has experienced a resurgence of popularity across the globe and for good reasons. We are here to elaborate on the reasons we love Dungeons and Dragons so much to give you an idea of what you can get out of getting involved in a DnD campaign.

Dungeons and Dragons is a tabletop roleplaying game played in person with multiple players. Using sheets of paper, pens, and dice, players navigate a world in their shared imaginations described by a Dungeon Master (DM), another player who is the storyteller and world-builder. Players adventure together in this world, going on quests to find treasures or slaying powerful dragons, often with the aid of traditional boards and miniatures. 

With a basic understanding of DnD, roll on with your mouse wheel to read more about how you can reap the rewards of entering a DnD campaign:

Adventures with your allies

At its core, DnD is a team game that you can revel in alongside your closest friends. Contrary to the purpose of many board games, DnD requires parties of people to band together rather than work against one another. Instead of squabbling between each other, you are required to complete quests and achieve goals with each other’s help. That is not to say that there won’t be any squabbling. DnD operates within the realm of the imagination and your character has his/her/their own personality traits, often coming into contest with other members of the group. This makes for some compelling interactions between players that could change the outcome of the story entirely. This leads us to our next point… the drama.

Why we love Dungeons and Dragons so much

An impromptu drama lesson 

One of the key components to DnD is roleplay. Each member of the party adopts the personality traits of their chosen character, something they have fleshed out in their backstory with the help of the DM. These characteristics guide how you will play the game and, during a session, you will be required to interact with one another and other characters of the world that the DM throws your way. From jovial conversations around the fireplace in a chattery tavern to confrontations with colossal demonic beings launching devastating attacks, you and your friends will play out specific scenarios along the way. You don’t need to know how to act to play and often the mere act of playing will help you hone your theatrical talents, building confidence in the process. 

Why we love Dungeons and Dragons so much

An escape, if even for a few hours

Life can get the better of us and sometimes we all need a little break. For many people, that’s where DnD comes in. DnD campaigns are an opportunity to step away from the real world and delve deep into our shared imaginations to engage with the weird and wonderful creative thoughts that live beyond the confines of the three-dimensional plane. Beyond being with your buds and acting out dramatic scenarios, DnD opens the door to our imaginations that we may have not exercised in a while.