How video games could actually be a good career for your kid

For as long as video games have existed, there has been a huge debate about whether they have a positive or negative impact on kids. More and more kids have been getting into video games as a hobby, spending hours playing, and finding new friends on the internet. This has made gaming a multi-billion dollar industry with a worldwide market. So, the next time you see your kid playing their favorite game – don’t worry! Here are some ways that video games can actually become a lucrative career. 


With so many hours of practice, your kid is bound to be good at video games. Research has shown that the more hours someone spends doing something the better they become at it. One way to capitalize on video gaming talent is to enter into an e-sport tournament. Yes, there are competitive gaming tournaments with prizes of thousands of dollars and sponsorships. These tournaments happen at video gaming conventions or even as online events. So if your kid is good at video games, this is certainly a viable career option. However, this should be done in moderation, with some attention being paid to other activities such as socializing with family and friends and still maintaining a good school career. 

How video games could actually be a good career for your kid

Game developer 

When it comes to older kids, many of them love the artistry of video games as much as playing them. Behind every good game is a game developer, and if your kid loves video games, they may want to make their own someday. This is a job that involves mental flexibility and creativity, which is perfect for any gamer. Game developers are responsible for coming up with many different kinds of concepts. They work on the storyline and collaborate with a whole team of artists and software designers to create a game. Often, games can take months or even years at a time to develop, so this job requires a passion for behind-the-scenes work but it is a great option for those who are interested in what goes into making a video game. 

Video game tester

Once the video game is made, someone has to test it. This is a dream job for any gamer out there because they literally get paid to play video games for a living. But it is more technical than it sounds.  Experienced video game testers know what to look for in a game. Their job is to identify and report bugs or errors in the game to the game developers so that any issues can be fixed before the game is released. 

How video games could actually be a good career for your kid

Live streamer

Name a hobby and you’ll find an online video about it. This is not only true for video games,  but some may be shocked to know that these sites have a whole community of video gamers with millions of subscribers and views per video. Many notable gamers make videos to captivate their audiences and to enjoy a more flexible career around gaming. This is great for gamers who wish to entertain and take a more casual approach to the gaming industry. The pros of online streaming as a career are that it gives the gamer more choice to play whatever they want and to work the hours that suit them, but one major con is that this job is not secure in terms of money. It takes a long time to build up an audience big enough to make money and with many online sensations, the success can be short-lived, so it is often best to have a backup option like the other jobs mentioned.