Perfect ideas to pamper yourself at home

Self care has become a more popular topic than ever lately, and we’re here for it. The fact that everyone is finally coming around to the idea that it’s worth taking care of yourself is amazing. We live in a society that teaches us to put others first, and while that is admirable, and it definitely has some downsides. Everyone deserves to spend some time on themselves every now and again! Take this weekend and dedicate it to yourself using these self care ideas.

Take a nap

That’s right, you heard us. We’re starting this list off with a really simple one. Just take a nap! Seriously. We know that you feel like you always need to be doing something productive, but you’re allowed to just do nothing every now and again. Climb in your bed, pile a few blankets on top, put your favorite record on, and just doze off for a while. Sometimes it’s the little things in life that can really revitalize you. Naps are, in our humble opinion, necessary.

Image: Unsplash

Treat yourself to a long bath

Look, don’t get us wrong, showers are nice and all. But they are pretty utilitarian. We jump into the shower, wash ourselves, and get out. They’re warm and relaxing, but do you know what’s even more and relaxing? A long and luxurious bath. And the most fun part about baths is that you can do all sorts of things to make them even better! Bath bombs, candles, a piece of cake… the list goes on. Set aside some time this weekend and just soak for a bit. But don’t drop your cake in the water.

Embark on a drive for fun

Most of us don’t really think of driving as something that’s fun. We drive to work. We get stuck in traffic. We curse at the driver in front of us. Ad nauseum. But guess what? Driving is actually really cool when you’re doing it for fun! Try just hopping into your car, putting on some tunes, and driving off on an adventure. You can just cruise around your neighborhood or go on a journey to somewhere you’ve never been before.

Try out meditation

Odds are that meditation sounds pretty hokey if you’ve never really tried it out before. Even the people who have dabbled in it a bit can sometimes think that it sounds silly. But trust us when we say that a good meditation session can totally change your day. You need to find out what kind of meditation works for you, but once you do, you’ll never look back. Take some time this weekend to just sit and meditate with your thoughts. It’s super relaxing.

Say “no”

This one might be a bit hard for some people, but we really advise everyone to try it out. We tend to always just say “yes” to people because we are accustomed to putting others ahead of ourselves. But do you really want to go to that vineyard with that girl from work? Maybe you just want to sit around at home and watch Netflix instead. Try out just saying “no” to someone in order to put your own priorities first. You may feel a bit guilty at first, but you shouldn’t. You deserve to make the decisions that will make you feel the best.

Bake… for yourself

Baking isn’t a pastime that everyone is passionate about, but we firmly believe that there is a baker laying latent inside all of us that just needs to be awakened. This weekend, try out baking a really fancy dessert that you can eat all by yourself. Actually, it doesn’t even need to be fancy. If you feel like you want to eat a whole pan of brownies, bake it for yourself and just do it. Dive into those brownies! No, you don’t need to feel bad about it. They’re all for you.

Focus on something fun

One key part of self care is taking some time to forget about all of your troubles and responsibilities and just have fun. One cool way to do that is to pick a task and focus really hard on it. Anything can work for this, but we really recommend logic puzzles like crosswords or Sudoku. They’re fun, challenging, and will totally make you forget about that presentation that you need to give. But remember: if it feels like a chore, skip it and try something else that requires focus and is still fun.

Image: Unsplash

Create art without an audience

Everyone has a creative side. We like to think that artists are an elite group, but anyone can be an artist. And yes, that includes you. One great way to care for yourself is to let yourself be creative without worrying about an audience. You might feel a bit embarrassed at first, but who cares? No one needs to see what you make except for you. Make a silly painting, write a poem, draw a picture of your dog. Just follow your creative impulses and make something that is fun.

Watch the clouds

When was the last time that you just sat and did nothing? A long time ago, right? We all get caught up in the grind of our daily lives that we hardly ever just actually do nothing. But doing nothing is incredibly important! It’s as useful to you as actually doing something that society deems “useful.” Walk to the park to watch the clouds. Sit in your yard, close your eyes, and don’t move. Just pick somewhere to go where you can truly do nothing. Nothingness is everything.

Do something that you love for hours

Life is busy. We all have passions and loves that we have to put aside in favor or work, relationships, or whatever else. But as part of your self care routine, you should pick an activity that means a lot to you and just do it until you don’t want to anymore. It doesn’t need to be anything super deep. Maybe you just love Friends and want to binge the first season in one sitting. Do it! You don’t need to feel guilty for doing something you love. You should feel guilty for not allowing yourself to do what you love.

Image: Unsplash