Great 80’s classics that you have to see

Permed locks, shoulder pads, and arcade machines are just a few insignias of the 80’s era you, if born or had grown up in, will fondly or sadly remember. Whether you are a proud 80’s kid or detest the more troubling global developments of the time, one cannot deny that the 80’s were a flourishing moment in history for the film industry and some of our greatest pieces of cinematic expression that line the shelves of the movie hall of fame hail from this century. 

We have combed through the endless list of classic 80’s films to bring you a captivating catalog of the absolute greatest movies that we highly recommend you add to your watchlist during this tumultuous time of quarantine and self-isolation to keep the boredom at bay.

Fire up the stovetop, toss some popcorn in the pot, and continue reading to find out more about the essential 80’s cinema you have to see while you’re stuck indoors:

Breakfast Club

Paint a mental picture of a reckless misfit, a pretty grill, an athletic bloke, a brainy geek, and a quirky kid in detention and drop in an antagonist in the form of a principal out to get them and you have yourself an image of the Breakfast Club. We know what you are thinking – a silly teen romp exploiting some of the most generic character stereotypes, but the Breakfast Club arguably invented these archetypes, or at least was the first film to display them, making it a must-see that is also an incredibly great film.

Great 80’s classics that you have to see

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Another great 80’s classic to pick up and watch with your family, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is a coming-of-age comedy that has stood the test of time. The story follows our protagonist, played by a young Matthew Brodrick, as he hatches and executes an elaborate scheme to skip school for the day. The events that unfold are hilarious and the film is peppered with heartwarming moments, making it a fun and sincere way to pass time with your loved ones.


‘When there is something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call?’ Yup, you guessed it. Ghostbusters. Whether you are familiar with the theme song but haven’t watched the film or have only caught the most recent installment in the universe featuring talented Kristen Wiig, the original Ghostbusters film starring the brilliant Bill Murray is as good as it gets. A story of four ghost fighting citizens equipped with various gizmos and adorned in working-class overalls, Ghostbusters is a hysterical genre-bending cinematic experience that cannot be missed. 

Great 80’s classics that you have to see

The Shining

So the kids are off to bed, the lights are dim, and you are searching for something a little more horrifying to watch this evening then look no further than The Shining. This feature film directed by cinematic legend Stanley Kubrick and based off of the Stephen King classic is argued to be the best horror film of all time, and, we can all but agree. Jack Nicholson’s slow descent into insanity as the antagonist and his flawless depiction of these terrifying events is a masterclass in acting that will live on forever.

Scour the streaming services for these impeccable finds and you will have four films to keep you thoroughly entertained for a movie day during your quarantine that highlights the exceptional classic cinema of the 80’s.